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Welcome to Cisco Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series

Welcome to Cisco Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series

Welcome to Cisco Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series

Welcome to Cisco Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series, the interactive, online library of product information from Cisco Systems! With the documentation CD, you can immediately access Cisco's entire library of end-user documentation, selected product news, bug databases, and related information.

The documentation CD uses Verity MosaicTM for navigation, document viewing, and document searching. Verity Mosaic combines the World Wide Web (WWW) and HTML document viewing application called Enhanced Mosaic from Spyglass, Inc. with the search and seeker agent technology of Verity, Inc. Cisco is proud to combine efforts with these partners in improving document viewing technology for both CD-ROM and network access. Using the same application, you can access the documentation CD and Cisco Connection Online (CCO), Cisco's World Wide Web site.

If you have network access to CCO, future enhancements to the documentation CD will enable you to use the following features:

Contact the Customer Response Center as follows to get access to CCO.

Phone: 800 553-2447
408 526-7209
Fax: 408 526-8898

Documents on the documentation CD are updated constantly. As we have moved from book to magazine to real-time publishing, Cisco's dedicated staff of Knowledge Products specialists has been challenged to work smarter, redesign processes, change writing styles, and anticipate change. They have not only met the challenge, but exceeded it. It is their ingenuity, creativity, and hard work that brings these CD-ROM products to you each month.

To support this exemplary staff we have created a new electronic publishing system that manages all documents through Cisco's product and document life cycles. The system manages all versions of documents, tracks the relationships between documents, converts documents between electronic formats (FrameMaker, HTML, ASCII, PostScript, PDF, EPSI, GIF, and so forth), creates collections of documents, and moves those collections to distribution points (WWW) servers, ASCII bulletin boards, paper printing plants, copy centers, CD-ROM reproduction sites, and manufacturing locations). This means that within minutes of a document being updated and released for publication, the updated document appears in all online document collections worldwide. Cisco's electronic publishing system has been vital to maintaining the company's ISO 9001 certification.

Cisco is proud to put these tools into your hands. And we want to improve them. Please send your recommendations to us as follows:


U.S. mail:
Knowledge Products Department
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-1706

Please indicate your system type and configuration.

To order an annual subscription to Cisco Connection Documentation, Enterprise Series, contact your local salesperson or distributor, or contact the Customer Response Center.

We hope you enjoy exploring Cisco Connection Online or the documentation CD.

Cisco Systems Knowledge Products Team


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