CS 395 Multimedia Systems and Applications - Spring 2017

Instructor: Dr. Ali C. Begen
Email: ali.begen AT ozyegin.edu.tr
Office Hours: After the class (Please make an appointment in advance)


Time and Location: Thursdays, 12:40pm - 15:30pm AB1 Room: 407 (For cancellations and make-up lectures, check Google Classroom)
Google Classroom Link: Go here and join the CS 395 class using your OzU account. Make sure you receive notifications for the class announcements.
Textbook: There is no specific textbook for this class. But, the following books are good references.

Course Overview

Description: This course introduces different types of applications that enhance the world of multimedia and the Web, as well as the systems that are used by them. Emphasis is given to explaining the current and emerging technologies in this area.
Prerequisites: CS 201, SEC 201 and SEC 202. You should also have good programming skills to successfully complete the projects.


  • Wireshark
  • GPAC, GStreamer, FFmpeg
  • OpenWebRTC
  • Other codec, packaging, streaming and analysis tools


  • Midterm - 40%
  • Project I - 15%
  • Project II - 15%
  • Project III - 30%


We will cover the following topics, though some are subject to change.

  • Multimedia basics
  • Networking protocols for multimedia
  • Real-time communications, collaboration and WebRTC
  • Streaming video
  • Surveillance
  • Multimedia data mining
  • Multimedia security

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